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Guys, I’ve got to level with you. I need someone to help me run this blog. I’m not just saying this anymore. I really do need some help. With almost 600 of you out there, I hope someone steps up.

Between college and pursuing a medical degree and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps to commission as a pilot, I have little to know time left for this blog. I used to always keep the queue stocked up to 300 posts just in case something like this happened. Now it’s lucky to get above 80 and it’s declining.

So, if some people want to step up and help, I’d be thankful. I want diversity. I want people from across the world. I want at least three other people to help me out. So the queue can be stocked at all times and we can have posts being randomly tossed out and tagged so we can give you more content than ever before.

So please, if anyone wants to step up and offer to help, just let me know who you are and where you’re from! I’d be extremely thankful. I never want this blog to die, it’s so much fun for me. I want to continue giving you all the joy of aviation and I want to attract more people too. I want to reach out. 

Thanks everyone,


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